Karma Butler’s roots in singing began in church as a young boy when he would often have lead solo’s in the choir.  He then broadened his singing talents in middle school where he performed roles in school musical theatre productions where he often landed a lead role such us Mr. Bumble in “Oliver.”  While in high school, Karma was able to fine tune his singing abilities during many live traveling performances, and daily vocal tutoring sessions while attending Virginia’s Governor’s School for the Arts.  He traveled to Japan and performed to sold out arena’s in a two-week/four-city tour where several new fans                   

befriended Karma. His new fans later traveled to America following Karma.  Karma’s parents housed the new fans, soon to become friends, for several months that he met during the Japan Tour. 

In 1997 Karma began releasing tracks as a solo recording artist. This is when Karma received a featured cover page spread in a newspaper next to the popular chart topping boy-band, 98 Degrees.  Since then Karma has continued to grow as a recording artist, and reached an all time height of being featured by a division of Sony as a recording artist in their world-wide remix contest.  During this time Karma’s

featured single reached #1 on their music chart.  This accolade gained Karma Butler international attention as a recording artist.  This news was featured in U.S.A. Today, and garnered Karma an interview with an ABC News Anchor. 

Karma Butler released his first music video as a solo recording artist in 2010.  “Baby Let Me (Noizz Factor Club Mix)” premiered on a CBS television station.  In 2011 ”The I Love You Dance” was Karma’s second music video that broadcast on My TV Network.  In 2017 Karma Butler is scheduled to release a new EP album, and is booked to sing the National Anthem at an NBA game.

Karma Butler’s first paid acting job was as a swat team leader during several scenes that were broadcast nationally on CBN.  He became a local star in Virginia when he landed a lead role in a Fox Network commercial that was a parody of the popular Budweiser “What’s Up” commercials called “Where’s Fox.” 

Karma Butler was hired by CBN as one of two original hosts for their USA Music Video Show, 1 Cubed, that is now syndicated world-wide.

In Los Angeles Karma’s manager helped him reach the entertainment industry’s top producers, and casting directors.  Karma’s dedication lead him to making final

call backs where he was in the final three choices for a lead role in the movie Trippin’ in which he was casting against celebrities Donald Faison, and Deon Richmond. 

While in Los Angeles Karma appeared in many movies, and television shows including Beverly Hills 90210, Sister Sister, Clueless, Buddy Faro, Hang Time, VIP, Brink, and Bowfinger.  Most notably, Karma’s friends, family, and fans continue to show extreme excitement from seeing Karma appear in several scenes of the original hit movie, American Pie.

Since 2010 Karma has continued booking local, regional, and

national television commercials. He has been a lead actor in commercials for America’s automobile industry including commercials for the Daytona Auto Mall, and Chevrolet where he quickly became known on television as Karma the Car King. 

In 2015 Karma flooded national television while appearing in lead roles in three commercials.  He was featured in an As Seen On TV Commercial featuring a Solar Juice powered charger where he is noted as looking like Tiger Woods while playing Golf on the Golf Course in this commercial. 

Also in 2015 Karma was seen on

national TV as a dancing Chauffeur

in a commercial made for P&G+Gain Fling’s that broadcast on Lifetime Television during their hit series Devious Maid’s

Karma then reached an all time television commercial career-high when his “Good Karma” landed him a star role in a national Credit Karma commercial. In this commercial that broadcast on Bravo, Spike, Lifetime, and BET, he is seen dancing, singing, and acting around the town.

In 2017 Karma is scheduled to appear on multiple television networks abroad the U.S.A. as the host of Season 3 of The American Dance Legend Television Series.

A national Citi Bank campaign is where Karma Butler was first seen as a print model in the world of modeling. Since 2014 Karma’s credits as a model has landed him runway shows with some of America’s most famed companies, and brands.   Karma was a runway model for the 2015 PGA Fashion Show where he modeled high-end golf brands representing J. Lindberg, and Sunice.

Karma Butler’s modeling jobs continued to climb when he was a featured runway model for designer Frank Gay, in the Orlando International Fashion Week.

Karma Butler had a dream come

true when he found out that he was hired by The Adidas Group to be a runway model to reveal the release of their 2015 Fall line for the NHL, and NCAA.  During this time in a cross-promotion, Karma was also a runway model for the world renowned brand Reebok.  This runway fashion show challenged Karma to the heights of his modeling with more than twenty-five quick costume changes, and three days of multiple runway shows for executives of America’s top distributors, and purchasing companies. 

Soon after Karma began his formative years as a performing artist, he began to have a passion for educating other aspiring entertainment industry entrepreneurs.  While majoring in Dance during college at the California Institute of the Arts, Karma began holding private classes, and rehearsals for any students that wanted to learn Jazz, and Hip-Hop which were dance styles that were not offered in his colleges dance curriculum.

Since then Karma has been a dedicated instructor of dance education, and how to succeed in the entertainment industry.  After

college Karma began teaching Hip-Hop, and Aerobic Dance at iconic gyms, and studios in California, including the Marina Athletic Club, and The Dance Doctor Studio of Santa Monica. 

He has continued sharing his dance passion with young students, and adults all across America with resume credits including being a faculty instructor of Virginia’s Governor’s School for the Arts, The National High School Dance Festival, The Regional High School Dance Festival, and many dance studios abroad the U.S.A.

Since 2009 Karma has mentored the careers of young performers,

Many years ago Karma Butler auditioned to be a student of Virginia’s premiere Arts School, The Governor’s School for the Arts.  Karma auditioned for three departments hoping to just be accepted into one department, as it was well known that each department was very select in choosing only a few new talented  students to join their prestigious school, and the chances of getting in any of the departments was very slim.  To Karma’s surprise he was accepted into all three of the departments he auditioned for; Dance, Theatre, and Performing Arts.  Karma chose the Performing Arts department due to the

department’s combination of singing, dancing, and acting for careers intended for Broadway, television, stage, and more. 

At the end of his four year attendance at the Governor’s School for the Arts, as an honor Valedictorian graduate, he found himself leaving the school with his talents being strongest as a dancer.  When he began the four year program he was often laughed at as being one of the worst dancers on the stage.  Karma took on the challenge to become the best dancer he could be. He reached the top level of dance classes in the Performing Arts Department, so his faculty director allowed Karma to

take dance classes with the advanced students of the Dance Department.

Just before graduating High School, Paramount hired Karma to be a Hip-Hop Dancer in their main-stage show, Retro-Active, choreographed by award-winning choreographer, Barry Lather, at their theme park, King’s Dominion.  When Kama’s contract with Paramount was over he moved to the West Coast to begin his college scholarship as a Dance Major at the California Institute of the Arts.

In California Karma was privileged to have his dance talents represented by the dance industry’s leading agency, DDO Artists

Agency.  DDO sent Karma on many top-industry dance auditions in which he made casting call backs to be a dancer for Prince, and Janet Jackson.

While in Los Angeles Karma Butler landed a full dance scholarship at The Dance Center (formally Tremaine School of Dance).  During this scholarship Karma’s dance career was instructed, and mentored by some of the dance industry’s most iconic choreographers including, Wade Robson,  and Tovaris Wilson.  Fatima, Gil Duldulao, and Eddie Garcia are other famed choreographers that have been Karma’s dance instructor’s in Los


Karma’s profound dance education has inspired him to teach dancers across the U.S.A.  His master dance classes attract hundreds of students from all over the globe packing in more than 200 students per class.

Karma Butler’s profound passion for mentoring, motivating, and educating young dancers led him to achieve one of his life-long dreams of having his own television series. 

In 2010 Karma Butler’s American Dance Legend Television Series  premiered on a CBS network to thousands of viewers featuring talented dancers, and top  choreographers.

while promoting their talents on several television shows produced by his production company.

Karma Butler began his journey as a producer for theatre, and stage at a young age.  His high school booked Karma to produce and choreograph a Black History Show featuring the iconic works of African American Performers in which all of the students of the school attended the live stage performances. 

Karma continued producing self-produced shows that appeared in malls, a water-theme-park, and performance venues while featuring a variety of singers, dancers, actors, and musicians.

In 2008 Karma Butler found his passion for being a Television Producer when he broadcast his single episode television show/pilot, Fever, on the WSKY TV Network in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Fever caught the attention of the local media.  Karma,  and his cast were featured on the local ABC News Channel in Norfolk, Virginia.  During this time Karma toured the TV Show Fever to several schools, including the Governor’s School for the Arts, where Karma had previously  graduated.  During this tour at GSA Karma had Grant Gustin, star of the hit TV Series “The Flash” as a student of GSA performing a featured skit for a commercial break for Karma’s TV episode/pilot of Fever.

The success of Karma’s first self self produced TV show inspired him to continue producing for television.

In 2010 Karma broadcast four-episodes spread over one month on a CBS network affiliate.

Karma Butler’s American Dance Legend Television Series gained high Nielsen Ratings, and catapulted Karma into the spotlight as a Television Producer.

The celebrity stars of the hit radio show, Zoo Morning Radio, of Z104 had cast members of American Dance Legend, and the shows’ Executive Producer, Karma Butler, live on their show the day before the premiere episode of American Dance Legend broadcast on the local CBS affiliate.

After the broadcast of ADL, Season 1, TVGuide.com, America’s leading         

schedule guide for television, publicly listed Karma Butler as a celebrity.

Since then Karma has produced three seasons of ADL.  Season

3 of ADL reached an all time high while featuring some of America’s most talented dancers, and choreographers. 

Several networks including My Fox, and leading reality television production companies have considered ADL Season 3 for local, national, and syndicated broadcasts.

Karma Butler’s passion for choreographing was inspired by several of his dance instructors from his high school.

While majoring in Dance during college at the California Institute of the Arts, the departments curriculum   had a strong focus on the aesthetics of choreography.  During many classes at Cal Arts, Karma garnered an excellent foundation of being a skilled choreographer.

International House Recording Artist, and friend, Inaya Day, booked Karma to choreograph for her hit single, Keep Pushin’.  Soon after this Karma was at an event in Los Angeles where he was able to spend time having fun with music

industry celebrity known as “The Queen of R&B”-Mary J. Blige.  Mary found out that Karma was a choreographer, and after seeing him dance, she personally asked Karma to submit a choreography submission to be a choreographer for her live events.

Karma continued his journey through choreography when he was hired by Old Dominion University to be the choreographer of their first musical, Jesus Christ Superstar.

Karma’s success as a choreographer continued with  him booking jobs as a choreographer for many schools, dance studios, and dance competitions throughout America.

Karma raised his success level as a 

choreographer when he began to choreograph for television.  His television choreography credits include the TV show Fever, and three seasons of the television series American Dance Legend that has broadcast on CBS, and My Network TV.

              Karma Butler in American Pie

Karma Butler Featured On Cover of

Newspaper with Celebrity Boy Band 98 Degrees

Karma’s Fan’s Swim w\With Him In Japan During a 4-City-Tour

Recording Artist Karma Butler Hits #1 On A Music Chart Making Headlines In The The International Music Scene

When A Division of Sony Featured Karma In A World-Wide Remix Contest

The Family Room In Los Angeles Features Karma As A

Guest Recording Artist

Karma Butler Is A Dancing Chauffeur In A National TV Commercial for Gain Flings On Lifetime for Devious Maid’s TV Series

Chevrolet Commercial Features

“Karma The Car King”

Karma Butler Lead Actor/Dancer for Credit Karma

Daytona Automall Features Karma Butler As A Lead Actor In Their Florida State-Wide Broadcast TV Commercial

National High School Dance Festival

Features Karma As A Jazz Choreographer

Cast & Choreographer of American Dance Legend Season 1 TV Series In Rehearsal

Runway Model Karma Butler at

Orlando International Fashion Week

Citi Bank Financial Group Features Model  Karma Butler In A U.S.A. National Campaign

Reebok Features Karma Butler As A Runway Model In Partnership With The Adidas Group

PGA & Sunice Golf Brand Features Karma Butler

As A Runway Model

Reebok Brand For NHL 2015 Featured On

Male & Female Models

Adidas Showcases Their UCLA Premiere Design On Runway Model Karma Butler

Karma’s Adidas & Reebok Sneakers For Runway Fashion Show

The Adidas Group Hires Karma Butler As A Model For Runway Fashion Show

Karma Butler Dancing In His Music Video

The I Love You Dance

Arts Enter-Cape Charles Features Karma Butler As A Guest Solo Dancer At A Live Show

Karma Butler Dancing On The Set Of American Dance Legend Television Series Season 3

Karma Dancing At His Live Concert

Karma Butler Modeling On A  Beach Photo Shoot

TV Guide Lists Karma Butler As A Celebrity & Features His Television Series

Kiley McDermott & Karma Butler At A Red Carpet Event

Z104’s-Zoo Morning Radio Show Interviews TV Producer Karma Butler Live On Air

Karma Butler Featured As Executive Producer On

American Dance Legend Television Series Season 3

Karma Butler On the

Red Carpet At An Event

Karma Butler Featured In An Interview As The Executive Producer Of The American Dance Legend Television Series

ABC News Features Karma Butler Executive Producer of TV Show Fever Live On Television

A Clip From Karma Butler’s American Dance Legend Season 1 Broadcasting on A CBS Channel

The Media Features Executive Producer Of Fever Karma Butler In An Exclusive Interview

Karma Butler Is Highlighted As A Host, Judge, and Choreographer (As Seen On CBS)

Karma Butler Teaching Students In His Hip-Hop Class At The National High School Dance Festival

Karma Butler’s American Dance Legend Season 2 Listed On A TV Search Guide

With Desperate House Wives, Divorce Court, Finding Nemo, and The Talk.

Executive Producer Karma Butler, and the Cast Of

American Dance Legend Television Series Season 1

Executive Producer Karma Butler, and the Cast Of

American Dance Legend Television Series Season 2

Executive Producer Karma Butler, and the Cast Of

American Dance Legend Television Series Season 3

Dance Stars On American Dance Legend Television Series Season 3



Karma Butler is eternally

grateful to have his mom,

Karren Butler, support his

entertainment career, and all of his dreams.  Karren Butler has been the key supporter of Karma’s Entertainment career for more than twenty years.  Karren Butler has been with Karma Butler at endless rehearsals, classes, auditions, costume fittings, performances, TV

shoots, and more. 

“My mom is why I am where I am in life today.  I don’t know where I would be in life without the love, and support of my mother.  When no one else cared about me, my dreams, and aspirations she was always there coaching, and motivating me to reach my goals, and always told me to reach for the stars. 

I encourage all parents to

be there for their kids. Support their dreams, and stay by their side through thick, and thin. 

I am a witness that a parents constant motivation, and love can be the major difference in making a lifetime of dreams come true.  Thank you Mom!  I Love you!”


Karma Butler, and His Mother, Karren Butler, On A Photo Shoot At American Dance Legend Television Series Season 3

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