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Karma Butler has created 6 Consumer Brands that span magazines, social media publications, national television, radio, and world-wide music platforms.  He is teaching entertainers, coaches, speakers, and service based business owners how to use their talent, and their story to inspire the world, and be fulfilled by making a massive impact.

He is in the coaching, speaking, education, business operations, and entertainment industry where his life story, and works are represented globally and in variety through iTunes, Spotify, Credit Karma National Commercial, American Pie, Adidas, American Dance Legend TV Series, and Get Good Karma Store, his clothing and accessory line.

Karma has created a movement called Inspire The World where he believes that there is an inspirational spirit within people all around the world that many struggle to tap into to become the best you that you can be while being the positive impact that the world needs to see.

He has devoted his life to motivating others, guiding peoples goals and dreams, and helping individuals share their talent, and story with the world.


-->   Are you ready to become the person you’ve always waned to be?

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